Memories of Rich

4 Oct 2001


My most vivid memory of Rch is in Calculus class. Rch would often be sitting with his sunglasses on in the back of the room by the window when I came in. I remember one day he had the curtain completely wrapped around him and when I peaked in, he was sitting there hunched over furiously writing little black dots on music paper. Yet I remember him easily breezing through that class while the rest of us lesser mortals struggled

My other major memory is of the State Soccer finals or semi-finals our senior year. I remember Rch drilled an excellent low shot that the goalie couldn't handle and Shawn Brady tapped the rebound in the back of the net to win the game deep into sudden-death OT.  I remember simply collapsing in exhausted exultation and all of us rolling around in the mud in celebration.

Although I can't say we were ever the best of friends, I always enjoyed hanging out with him between classes and at soccer practice. I have always had the greatest respect for his tremendous talent and wit. He will always be in my thoughts and memories.


--Andrew Beckner