Hello Karen,


I received a copy of your email via Mike Westlake for thoughts on Rich.


I am not sure if you remember me - another one of those drunkards from

Bankers Trust that followed Rich around when he was in London.


The things that I think of when I think of Rich; he was human - a senior

manager, but still cool - he was a Chris Tucker fan!  He helped my step-son

Alwin out with a summer job at Bankers Trust - taking a lot of his own time

to make good use of him.  He was a big guy in many ways - but you were

always relaxed and at ease in his presence.  He was a brilliant motivator -

not just for the current bit of work - but for the long term - which is

clear from the vast number people that have been touched by him.  He was

very much a people person - when he left Bankers/Deutsche, he gave everyone

in the office presents.  He was always supportive to try new things out -

even if they looked like being a long way off the beaten track.  He loved to

have his "shadow" projects - doing the things he really wanted done - while

reporting to management on the things they wanted to have done.  He was

human - someone you got on with - not just worked for. Rich will be missed

by me.

Our thoughts and prayers are with you and Zachary at this time.



Chris & family