6 Oct 2001


Dear Mrs. Lee


My heart really goes out to you at the moment.Rich was my manager for several months at NatWest Markets in London.Even though he wasnít my boss for a very long period of time, he made a lasting impression on me.He was so very charismatic and bright, with so much presence.We used to exchange the odd e-mail every now and again and he told me about you being pregnant and then giving birth and I was delighted for you both.


There were 3 people I was very worried about when the horrible events of Sep 11th unfolded.I dropped all 3 people an e-mail, asking them if they were o.k, and unfortunately I never did get a response from Rich.There is a list of missing people on Bloomberg and my heart sank when I saw Richís name there.Part of me still hopes and prays that he is ok, as I guess part of you does.


But I do know this; if there had been a way out , Rich would have found it and if he is gone, Iím sure he went trying to save others because thatís the kind of guy he was Ė a brave and courageous leader.


Take care.My thoughts are with you and your family


-- Leonie Ryan