I first met Rich in 1997 at Liverpool St Station in London.He and I had both joined NatWest Markets and had been reassigned from our original projects to 'CRISIS'.I had not actually started and was asked to meet Rich as we would be working together.

Immediately I was struck by Rich's physical appearance -- he was a big guy.Soon I realised that he was intelligent, enthusiastic and friendly.I left the meeting with many positive feelings about the project.I knew Rich would be great to work with and he managed to conveh the impression that he was the one who was going to be privileged to work with me!


The next 2 years were remarkable.Rich did an outstanding job in developing a team of people who stuck together through thick and thin, changes of corporate structure and physical location.We all belonged to Rich' Team.


How did this come about?The main reason was the sheer force of Rich's personality and his increasing dedication to his people.He told us that he was working for us -- not the other way round.The words were backed up by deeds on numerous occassions.


If you ever asked Rich advice you would get his full attention.Usually some good advice would be followed up with one of his extensive collection of books marked up at the appropriate place.


A remarkable skill was the ability to identify exactly what made an indivdual tick.We all received the personal touch from Rich.He would help on a technical or emotional basis - whatever was required.


During the sale of NatWest Markets to Bankers Trust I know that Rich was instrumental in making sure that all of his people were looked after.Other people at his level were more interested in their own personal rewards.This was soon apparent to all, and ensured that Rich was both liked and respected.


After we transitioned to BVankers Trust people still looked to Rich for guidance .He helped many people to get training in new skills and helped them to be significantly better off.He also backed peoples ideas and judgement which created loyalty and an enthusiastic work force.


On a personal note Rich was the only manager who used the appraisal process to give me good, accurate, valuable information.He told me to 'use my size' and make sure people know what you have contributed'.I keep this advice with me always.

I am proud to call him my friend


-----------Paul Gill