Ms. Karen and Mr. Zachary Lee


September 19, 2001



Dear Karen,


It was with sadness and profound regret that I learned that Rich is one of the missing at the World Trade Center. I was concerned about Rich and visited the Cantor Fitzgerald site set up at the Pierre Hotel where I saw his picture. I consider Rich a friend and always will.


It was with great pleasure that I worked with Rich in London. Seldom does one come across a man so full of life, so energetic and with such a positive force. So many people, including myself were inspired by Rich’s leadership, his determination and his ability to lift others around him. I felt a special affinity to Rich since I also participated in varsity sports in college and so enjoyed hearing of his many exploits on the football team.  As we were both from America, it was easy to share the experiences of working and living away from home. Many late nights of work were included but we both always found time to go out and have a good time with the staff in London. Rich was always concerned about his staff, from his managers to the secretaries in the office. This type of behavior inspired tremendous loyalty from the people working for him and admiration from those working with him and was always refreshing to see.


Rich had so many stories to tell and one of those concerned his first meeting you. According to Rich, somewhere in that meeting he ended up with a beer spilled over his head. I guess you got his attention because he so obviously cared so much for you.


Rich made a point of sending a picture of young Zachary. He is a good looking kid who I am sure will aspire to grow up just like his father.



Sincerely Yours,


Robert Flagg