Vy Tran"


Hello Karen,


I am so sorry to hear the news regarding Rich. I was dreading such news and

was very saddened to hear the worst had come to pass. I hope you are well,

and little Zachary too. You asked for everyone who knows Rich to write

something about him. Here is my piece. I didn't want to contribute at first

because I wasn't really sure what I could write. But after talking to a few

friends, they have convinced me that any contribution will be fine.


When I first met Rich Lee, it was in an interview for Natwest Markets. A

towering man, with a certain charisma that made you feel at ease. One thing

that struck me at the interview was Rich's approach to the candidate. He

never asked any questions regarding technical issues, but focuses on the

character of the person, the personality, and the ethics. Here is a man who

clearly cares more for the content of the personality of a person, than

merely what is written down on their CVs.


During my time working for Rich, he helped me identify and focus on the real

issues of life in general rather than merely on my career. For the first

time I see more clearly where my life will lead, and what I can do to direct

it. And for that I must thank Richard. He has done more than what is

required as a manager. He was a friend. He will try his utmost to get you

where you want to go.


He was always more interested in the depth of a person, rather then their

exterior. He wants to make sure all the people who works for him are happy.

And because of that, he has won great loyalty from everyone who knows him.

During the Deutsche takeover of Banker's Trust, everyone in his team rallied

around Richard. And as soon as Rich left and went back to New York, the team

dispersed. He commanded loyalty and respect from all his peers and those

around him. Not many people I met in life have ever achieved such a level of



Richard once told me his goal in life was to teach. He was a teacher. And to

that aim he has taught me a tremendous amount. I would not have done or

achieved what I have now without his guidance. And I'm sure all the people

who worked for him will say the same. He is truly a wonderful man, and

extraordinary in his impact and influences on people's lives. I feel

grateful to have met him, and to have known him as a friend.