Dear Karen,

I apologize for not having written sooner.  It is just that it has been very

difficult for me to put into words the things I have been feeling about the

tragedy that occured two weeks ago.


I am not sure if you know who I am.  My name is Amanda Thomas.  I am a

student at UC Berkeley who had the wonderful opportunity to work under

Rich's supervision this summer in Cantor's London office.  I was a Quality

Assurance Analyst for eSpeed.


Although what I have to say cannot relieve the sorrow you are experiencing,

I hope it can reinforce your wonderful rembrances of Rich. Never before have

I had a boss who was so caring and kind, so amazingly sensitive to the

issues I face as a girl going into her last year of collge.  I never

expected to be handed such responsibility in the workplace for a girl my

age.  Rich believed in me.  He always made sure the work I was doing at

Cantor was interesting for me.  He always urged me to interact with

different departments in the office so that I could get as much exposure to

the business as I could.


Months before I flew to London, before I had ever met him in person, he

would overnight me books on the types of topics I would soon be working on

when I arrived in London.  After every project I completed, he would give me

the most helpful constructive criticism I have ever received from anyone and

he would always end it with "great job, Amanda," or something along those

lines.  He always made me feel that the work I was doing was important to

the well-being and growth of the firm.  I felt like I had some big purpose

at Cantor.  It was so nice to be needed, to be relied upon in accomplishing

big tasks.  Rich put so much faith in me and I will never forget that.  Two

weeks after I arrived back in Berkeley from London, he sent me a framed

award that thanked me for my help and praised me for my accomplishments this

summer.  I don't know any boss who would take the time to do something like



Rich was such a brilliant human being.  He always knew what to do to get the

job done.  Our entire team looked up to him.  I'll never forget our early

morning conference calls with him.  The laughter we all shared in those

morning calls was such a bright start to my day.  I can't ever imagine not

looking forward to going to work.  It was wonderful to see how Rich

interacted with everyone on my team.  He was our coach, our friend, our

mentor, and now he is a guardian angel watching over us all.


Considering the pain I have experienced over the past few weeks in losing

such a special person as Rich having known him for only a brief span of

time, I can't comprehend the pain that you and your son Zachary must be

going through.  I only wish I had the opportunity to meet you and your son

under brighter circumstances.  If you need anything, please let me know and

I am here to help.  I know Rich is here with us in spirit.  I will never

forget him.


in love and prayer,