Date: Sat, 15 Sep 2001 09:45:13 -0400
From: Doug Dawson



Thank you for letting us know the where-abouts of Rich at the time of this

tragedy.  My partners and I have been searching and praying for Rich.


I am very saddened for all of the people who are missing, but Rich is the

one person who has been mine (our) mentor and friend. He has always

taken time out of his busy schedule to talk with me about our product or

to endorse it within his industry. You know he really had nothing to

gain in his position but the excitement at helping a very small business

in a really big world. And please let me tell you we would loved to have

had that excitement as part of Optinfo team. But we were and still are

too small for his talents. But he is the reason why my partners and I

have chased after our dream to move to a product company.


I will never forget the day in early 1997 when Rich called me for the

first time and told me he had heard about us in NY and he wanted to buy

our solution. And later when you and Rich flew in from London to visit

our office in Charlotte to see nBalance for the first time. He was so

delighted at what we had accomplished and his words of encouragement told

us to finish what we had started. I would love to tell you all of the

things we have been through with Rich and our product but I know now is

not the time. All I can tell you is Rich's encouragement and our hard

work has made nBalance an international product.


Rich was always so busy I never really had the chance to hang out with

him and just drink some beers. But I know from our time spent over the

phone or visiting him in person that he was always extremely kind to all

around him and cared about them dearly and I was one of the fortunate

ones to receive his kindness.



Much Love and Sorrow,


Doug Dawson


Optinfo, Inc.