Karen & Zachary,                                                                                30 Sep 01

I knew Rich since 1994, as we started Smith Barney on the same day, April 4th 1994.  I not only had great respect for Rich, but I admired Rich.   He was a material part of my professional development and personally, he helped me through many obstacles.  His friendship and support over the past 8 years impacted my life in many great ways and helped me shape who I am today.  I have lost more than a friend- I have lost a mentor.

We shared many good times together, from Smith Barney in New York, London England (Nat West days), Rain Forest Cafe, Jekyl & Hydes to Elizabeth's and my wedding.  These times will never be forgotten.

You lost an amazing husband, father, friend and man for no sensible reason.  A tragedy for all!

n       David Klein